The aim of HalalHouse is to keep customers well informed about their Halal food journey from 'Farm to Fork'- being able to trace at any stage of Halal food. Besides, the website provides a unique platform to the businesses providing them an opportunity to keep their customers informed with the essential information about their Halal food which includes sourcing, storing, labelling, processing and transporting their meat and poultry products. These information help customers make an informed decision about their Halal food.

HalalHouse help you track the entire Halal Supply Chain of restaurants & takeaways, their suppliers butchers, slaughter house as well as the farms where the animals have been reared. We also encourage import & export businesses to provide the country of origin of the animals they source from. This information help customers get an overview of full traceability of Halal meat and poultry products e.g. Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Sheep, Venison etc.  

Traceability connects various stages of supply and production of Halal meat or poultry from 'farm to plate'. The following picture is a general representation of the entire Halal Supply Chain that includes tracking of Halal products from point of origin to the final destination.

If you are a Restaurant, Takeaway, local Butchers, Ethnic Supermarket, Slaughter House, Abattoir, Supplier or International Exporter of Halal meat & poultry, this  website is for you to showcase your business, its entire Halal Supply Chain and help customers to make their informed choice

HalalHouse is World's First Online Directory of Halal Businesses with traceability Information. Our endeavour is to provide customers as much information as possible about the entire Halal Supply Chain of the businesses around the world. In the current modern digital age where finding information about businesses selling Halal food is just few clicks away, people still struggle to find the credible information about how the Halal food have been produced and sourced?

Our aim is not just to create another online directory of Halal food businesses but also about where and how the Halal ingredients were produced, sourced, stored, packaged, transported to the final destination. While we aim to provide the full traceability of the Halal Supply Chain, the other main objective of this website to highlight the businesses that are going extra mile in doing their business in more responsible, sustainable and ethical way. Thus, helping customers to make their informed choices!

"The Government believes that the consumers should have the necessary information available to them to make an informed choice about their food"


Food Standards Agency

Information released under the Freedom of Information Act

Dated: 26 July 2017



We are not just another online directory of Halal restaurants or Halal food review website. We do all these things but complete with the information about Halal ingredient suppliers, the abattoir, meat processors, transport services delivering Halal products and wherever possible, the livestock farm where the lamb, beef or chicken have been sourced from. These information help customers understand the trading practices of all the key players responsible in Halal meat or poultry supply chain throughout their journey.

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