Wider range of choices available to customers to make an informed decision about your Halal food

Benefits to Your Business

If you are a business selling halal meat and poultry products, registering your business to our Halal Traceability website will help get enhanced credibility, trust and customer satisfaction which in turn increases the chance to earn more profit for your business.



From 'Farm to Fork Traceability'

Information about Halal Certification Authority, traceability of Halal meat and poultry, stunned or non-stunned method of slaughter, ethical or good practices of abattoir and retailers - all in one place

Halal Supply Chain Information

From Farm to Fork - Trace the journey of your Halal meat or poultry where it has been sourced from including the information about butchers, abattoirs and wherever available, livestock as well as animal feed businesses level information 

Broader Range of Choices Available to Customers

Wider range of options available to the customers to help them make informed decision about their Halal food choices depending on the method of slaughter, certification, ethical treatment and the country of origin of the animals

Access Essential Information Online

Halal Accreditation Body, traceability, ethical and good practices by Halal meat businesses - access all these information online without needing to leave the comfort of your home. This is especially more helpful when ordering Halal meat products online

Increased Transparency, Credibility & Trust

Increased transparency, credibility & trust about your business in a competitive market. Businesses that provide more information online get more customers

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