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Why Traceability is Important for Halal Food Consumers?

Halal Food Consumers' Experience at a Glance

 This website has been created after a number of personal experiences shared with us by friends, family and general Halal consumers where consumers had encountered a number of issues with the authenticity of Halal products. And we are absolutely sure that we are not alone who had Halal related issues 

Given below are some of the experiences that inspired Halal House website

  • A restaurant in Liverpool that had a 'Halal' certificate displayed in the premises, on further enquiry, disclosed that their Chicken was halal but not the lamb. The problem with this type of business model, where both 'Halal' and non-Halal food are prepared, the restaurant should clarify this to the customers and must mention in their menu. Besides, even if the customers have been informed, there's always strong possibility of things getting mixed up during preparation in the kitchen - typically 'Chef's Favourite Spoon' issue!

  • An ethnic supermarket owned and managed by Muslims is a shop where consumers will, generally presume that everything in the shop is halal. However, consumers have found that some of the tinned food items in the shop had pork. Although, the items were not individually labelled as 'Halal', the general assumption, however, is that a shop owned and run by a Muslim would not sell anything like this.

  • Generally, butchers are able to provide the name of the 'town' from where they buy meat or poultry. However, generally, they are reluctant to provide any specific information. Ideally, these halal meat shops should be able to provide the traceability information to their customers proactively.

What Information Consumers Can Get From Halal House?

Highlights of Traceability Information

The main purpose of Halal House is to help consumers with as much information about the entire Halal Supply Chain of the businesses as possible. While Halal House aim to provide the full traceability of a business, the availability of these information depends on how much information Halal food businesses are sharing with Halal House.


Information about the Halal Status of business (100% Halal,

Mixed (Halal & non- Halal) etc.


All Halal products (Beef, Lamb, Sheep, Chicken etc) products that the business buy and sells


Details of the Halal Certification Authority that has certified the business and awarded the Halal Status


Information about the method of slaughter (Fixed-blade mechanical or traditional slaughter)


Information about the type of slaughter (Stunned or non-Stunned etc.


Information about the Alcohol policy of the business


Any Awards or Certificates the business may have achieved


Information about the suppliers of ready-to-eat and frozen meat or poultry products


Details about suppliers of meat and poultry products


Different types of halal cuisine of the restaurant or takeaway


Any specific information about the ethical & good practices of the business

(Example: Organic meat)


Wherever available, traceability information to the Livestock level

Restaurant / Takeaway

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If you are a Halal food consumer and have information about halal status of a business that you would like us to add to on HalalHouse or want to know the Halal status of a business and would like us to find out the Halal Supply Chain information details, please fill in the following Online Form. After receiving your query, Halal House will contact the business and update our website with the information provided by the business.